Developing healthy leaders 

to deliver hope 

through healthy churches.

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Church Health, People  Development, Transformational Leadership

Many churches feel stuck and struggle with lack of growth or progress and their leaders find themselves desperately looking for help with church and leadership development. While there certainly is no shortage of content available to help, finding and applying that content to an individual church's unique situation and need can be an entirely different matter. That's what we do. Healthy Church Solutions helps give you the tools to bring hope and transformation to your church.

"We're  either preparing or repairing!"

But remember, you don't have to be sick to get better and healthier! Even top athletes have coaches and game plans to maximize their strengths, prepare for future inevitable challenges, and transform strong to superb! Our world and your community needs superb churches and leaders who will transform the spiritual landscape of their community! 

Let Us Help You Find A Solution




The most critical question to ask before launching any journey forward is to ask, "Where am I now?" Our assessment tools will help you define both strengths and gaps that can either be an asset or an obstacle in your church's health and illuminate a bridge of hope to the future.


Training & Development

Whether your church team is looking for a focused half-day or full-day seminar, a 90-Day Jump Start program, or something more along the lines of a comprehensive 6 or 12-month program, we have a solution to fit your needs and your budget. We are ready to partner with you to get your team moving in the same direction with tools, tips and strategies that will inspire positive action.



If you want to be inspired, attend an event. But if you really want to grow, you need to engage in a process. Our individual and group coaching plans will support and strengthen the ongoing process of your health development. We have plans for staff and leadership teams, ministry leaders and even growth plans that can engage your entire church!